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The Czech and Slovak School of Sokol Washington includes in its curriculum cultural heritage education.  The children are offered two opportunities – participation in focused workshops and participation with our folk group, Sokolik.

Periodically (two or three times during the school year), in lieu of language class, the children participate in workshops on the traditions and customs of their ancestors.  Examples of previous workshops include Easter traditions (šibačka / pomláska / polievačka); decorating of perníky; fujara lesson; and a class with children’s choir from Moravia.

On certain Fridays the children are offered optional folklore classes.  These classes are conducted immediately after the language classes.  Here, the children learn traditional Slovak, Moravian and Czech dances and songs, which they perform at a number of area events such as Sokol Washington’s Mikulašská nádilka (St. Nicholas Feast) and the annual European Union Embassies Open House in May at both the Slovak and Czech Embassies.  Children do not have to participate in language classes to participate with Sokolik.