Jozefská Zábava

zabavamainDuring 1982, two social events were added to the already active schedule – Jozefská zábava and Kateřinská zábava. For those of you not familiar with these events, they are steeped in the traditions and folklore of our cultures.

Nowadays, these parties have a distinctly contemporary flavor – a social gathering of Czech, Moravian and Slovak singles of the area; and yet members and friends of all ages still enjoy them. Music is usually furnished by a DJ, and on occasion by members and guests who bring their own instruments. Food and Pilsner, as well as other refreshments always are available. These socials were first held at the Lyons Park Community Center in Arlington, Virginia, and later at Almas Temple in Washington DC, and Carderock Springs Tennis Club in Bethesda, Maryland. At present they are held at the VFW Hall in McLean, Virginia.

Jozefská zábava – St. Joseph’s Feast (St. Joseph’s Day – March 19) was a traditional celebration of one of the most common male names, but chiefly it was a celebration of the coming of spring, as St. Joseph’s name-day coincides with the spring equinox.