Mikulas2015Mikulašská nádilka – St. Nicholas Feast – is a beloved tradition and the most popular event of our Unit.   Not many people celebrate December 6, St. Nicholas Day, the way Slovaks, Moravians and Czechs do.  The arrival of Mikuláš (St. Nicholas), along with the angel and the devil, carrying traditional stocking gifts, always delights the children, as well as the adults.

The first Sokol Washington Mikulašská was organized in 1956 for the benefit of the children attending the Czechoslovak School and their friends.  Eventually, this event evolved into a jaternice (traditional sausage) feast and continues so to this day.  In addition to serving traditional sausages, a fleet of volunteers bake and provide large quantities of koláčky, vánočky and other delicious traditional home-made sweets.  And, we always order a surplus of sausages (jaternice, jelita/krvavničky, klobásy) and offer them for sale at the end of the dinner.  Another Mikulašská tradition is the performance of the children of the Czech and Slovak School.  The children present Czech, Slovak and Moravian carols for all, but especially for Mikuláš, to enjoy.  Children who are not part of the School also prepare small individual performances for Mikuláš so that they can receive their rewards.

Mikulašská also is one of the few fundraisers for Sokol Washington, raising money to support our sports and outdoor activities, as well as our School.  Many hours and much effort go into assuring the success of this event – we are very grateful to our dedicated volunteers!  For years, for example, Brother Victor Cech was elected to drive to New York to pick up our large order of klobásy, jelita/krvavničky and jaternice and then return with them in time for the Mikulašská.  Nowadays, the sausages are flown in from a Moravian butcher in Atlanta.  Traditionally occurring the first weekend in December, Mikulašská has been held in many places over the years, including the Knights of Columbus, Bethesda, Maryland; Holy Cross Convent Recreation Hall, Kensington, Maryland; St. Phillip’s Catholic Church, Falls Church, Virginia; and, currently, St. Luke Orthodox Church in McLean, Virginia.