Family Ski Trip

Burke Mountain, Vermont

vermontmainOur annual week-long family ski trip to Burke Mountain, Vermont, between Christmas and New Year, began in 2000 thanks to the interest and the initiative of Brother Pavel Klein.  Over the years, this winter outing has become a favorite tradition for many of our families.  The goal of the ski trip is for children ages 6 to 18 to enjoy outdoors in the mountains, to participate in sports, and to have an opportunity to socialize with Czech and Slovak peers in an environment that fosters their Czech and Slovak language skills and appreciation for their heritage.  Children participate in structured skiing instruction with professional Czech or Slovak ski instructors, in the mornings and afternoons, and in organized indoor games in the evenings.  Children under six years are welcome; however, they need to be supervised by their parents, as we do not offer specific activities for this age group.

Not just the children, but also their parents find this trip rewarding.  While the children are busy with ski instructions, the parents are free to take advantage of skiing or other outdoor activities, or to relax and enjoy the company of other adults.