Annual Potomac Walking Marathon


pediatricmainThe story goes that the idea for Sokol Washington’s Pediatric/Geriatric Marathon was born one glorious, golden October afternoon in 2001, as two of our members were walking down the C&O Canal Path between Violette’s Locke and Sycamore Landing. They were philosophizing about life, its values, what was good and what was bad, and the merit of vigorous sport in life. They both agreed that sport is a vital activity, and that running a marathon is the apotheosis of such activity. They also agreed though, that actually running a marathon is too laborious and concluded that walking it is a more reasonable undertaking.

And so, since that afternoon, Sokol Washington members and friends meet, year after year, on a pleasant October day to walk along the C&O Canal in our Pediatric/Geriatric Marathon. The Pediatric/Geriatric Marathon, as the name suggests, is an event for all ages and skill levels, and the walking distance is self-determined. We hope you can join us!