Youth Summer Camp

Modra Skala

campmainYouth Summer Camp at Modrá skala – Blue Rock, Monongahela National Forest is a popular summer activity for families with young children.

The idea for a youth summer camp came about in 2002. Sokol Washington parents with small children were seeking a summer activity that would expose their children to a variety of outdoor adventures and sports – climbing, camping, hiking, swimming, canoeing. They also were hoping to give their children an opportunity to socialize with Moravian, Czech and Slovak peers at camp fires, with songs and story-telling time, and with themes that would foster their Czech and Slovak language skills and appreciation of their heritage.

With Brother Pavel Klein’s leadership, and the scouting guidance of Brother Miroslav Honzák, they found the perfect spot for these activities – a canyon in the Monongahela National Forest. There in the wilderness stood the Blue Rock – Modrá skala – and around it flew eagles. Here under the rock and under the eyes of the circling eagles, far from the human trail, is the Sokol Washington Camp for boys and girls seeking adventure and companionship in the wilderness, bounded by the sun and the stars, and nestled in the deep canyon of rocks wrought by nature 300 million years ago.