volleyballmainPick-up volleyball has been a favorite weekly adult sports activity for our members and friends of both genders, varied ages, and skill levels for many years.

Interest in weekly volleyball get-togethers arose during the 1982-83 season when men in our Unit no longer wanted to continue with gymnastics and calisthenics. Instead, they elected to concentrate on volleyball. Since that time, Sokol Washington has been sending one or more teams to compete in various tournaments and has been sponsoring, every other year, our own tournament. Noteworthy are Sokol New York tournaments where our team won 2nd place (1994) and 1st place (1996). Our team also played in the local Intra City Tournament in 1981, placing 4th. They won a trophy in a Baltimore Co-Ed Tournament in 1986, and placed 1st in a Montgomery County League in 1985. Fourteen men and six women participated in a Sokol USA Slet volleyball tournament held in Washington D.C. in June 1987. Five men and one woman participated in the Slet competition in Philadelphia in 1995